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Pirate in Captain Sabretooths Universe

In the summer of 2022, Susanne takes over the role of the pirate Sara in Captain Sabertooths Universe and Abra Havn in Dyreparken in Kristiansand.  You will be able to see her dance and sing with Captain Sabertooth in the daytime shows, and give the children a close encounter with the pirates in the hotel village of Abra Havn. You can read more about the daily shows here, and about Abra Havn here.

Director: Lars Jacobsen, Choreography: Maria Wulcan

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SHOWTASTIC Winter Cabaret

In recent months, Susanne and Dina Lorentzen have been working hard to prepare the launch of the show duoSHOWTASTIC, and on 27th of November 2021 they have their first show at Bardello Bar, Stavanger. Here they perform together with the dancer Marmalady in the Winter Cabaret. Expect singing, dancing, glitter, Christmas spirit, laughter and amazing show numbers! Also played on 10 and 11 December.


Shrek - The Musical

15.-17. August you can see Susanne in Shrek the Musical at Lokverket in Dokka. She plays both the role of the Dragon, the Mama Ogre, Blind Mouse and participates as a dancer in the ensemble.


Direction and choreography Monica S. Evenstuen.



Finally, it is time for SHOWTASTICs own all-night show at Bardello, Stavanger, where Susanne is both dancer, singer, co-choreographer and co-producer. The show, which consists of 3x20 min acts, will be performed every other week on Thursdays and Fridays throughout spring 2022. SHOWTASTIC also takes bookings for parties, celebrations and events. Contact for more information.


Practical Pedagogical Education

In the 2021/22 school year, Susanne is taking the PPU degree in Performing Arts - dance at Bjergsted, University of Stavanger. In the spring of 2022, she will therefore be a qualified dance teacher.Contactfor booking workshops, private lessons or requests for fixed tuition.


Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises

Bilde 05.07.2022, 16 11 49.jpg
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